Edythe L. Bronston

Edythe L. Bronston

Meet Edythe L. Bronston, a 2014 Jewish American Heritage Month nominee

Title: President
Organization/Business: California Jazz Foundation
Website: www.CaliforniaJazzfoundation.org

"Her immense contributions have truly been LOCAL (focused in the Southern California are) and she is definitely a HERO because  she is responsible for saving and improving the lives of over 150 jazz musicians through provision of medical and financial assistance." Richard Allen Williams, MD; President and CEO, Minority Health Insitute, Inc. (nominator)


  • Born in Allentown, PA, she worked as bill collector to put herself through college and law school. Has been an attorney with a private law firm in Los Angeles for over 33 years.
  • Formed the non-profit charitable organization California Jazz Foundation with her accountant seven years ago
  • CJFs objectives: to raise awareness of the plight of jazz musicians; to raise money to help pay their bills and to buy food, gas and even get their instruments out of hock when necessary; and to set up a medical outreach mechanism.
  • Since its founding, CJF has grown into an organization of more than 500 dues-paying members and has favorably impacted the lives and livelihoods of over 150 of its musician clients.
  • As a lawyer has organized free seminars to musicians to provide legal advice regarding obtaining copyrights and other documents so that they can protect the songs that they write and music that they record as their intellectual property.
  • Volunteers to help out in community charitable events such as the Leimart Park Jazz Festival in South L.A.

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