Alberto B. Mendoza

"It is with utmost enthusiasm and excitement that I submit Alberto Mendoza's nomination. Originally from Mexico, Alberto is the founder of "Honor 41" and is someone whose community activism has impacted and benefitted the LGBTQ. Folks in the community know him as a long-time advocate for LGBTQ rights of folks. He is a great listener, innovative thinker, and a compassionate human being." Nominator David Damian Figueroa, Vice President, MALDEF

Alberto B. Mendoza

2014 LGBT Pride Month Local Heroes nominee

Alberto B. Mendoza

Title Founder & Board Chairman
Organization/Business Honor 41

    • In March 2013 founded Honor 41, a national Latina/o LGBTQ online organization that promotes positive images of the LGBTQ community, creating awareness about their issues and builds support systems. Was inspired by his experiences of being bullied as a gay teenager.
    • In 1901, 41 men in Mexico City were arrested, beaten and eventually disappeared for being gay/bi. After that "41" became a derogatory word in the Latino community to humiliate and brand gay men. Mendoza combined "41" with the word "honor" - which means "pride" in both English and Spanish - to reclaim it as a label of respect.
    • Established 41 List as another way to continue to give a new meaning to "41" . The 41 list celebrates 41 "out", successful Latino role models of all ages including activists, elected officials, students.
    • Each of the 41 is interviewed on video and talks about their coming out story, their keys to success, advice they can share, and more. A 2014 edition will be released featuring another 41 Latino LGBTQ role models and includes videos in both English and Spanish.
    • Honor 41 has a growing social media following: The 41 List videos have been seen over 15,000 times in over 100 countries, and the regular reach on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube averages 5000 people.
    • Honor 41 thanked on weekly basis by family members, teachers, preachers and parents for helping them see their kids are normal and can live happy and successful lives even if they are LGBTQ


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