Barbara Faulkner

"Barbara Faulkner is an unrecognized hero in our community. She has worked tirelessly on behalf of the LGBT community to combat the issues that disproportionately affect LGBT seniors such as isolation, financial issues, lack of benefits and lack of family support networks. Her contributions directly improve the lives of many." - Nominator Congresswoman Lois Capps

Barbara Faulker

2014 LGBT Pride Month Local Heroes nominee

Barbara Faulkner

Title Founder
Organization/Business Santa Barbara Lavender Elders (SaBLE)

  • Seeing a need, founded the Santa Barbara Lavender Elders (SaBLE), an alliance of LGBT seniors committed to improving the quality of life for themselves and others. Faulkner developed a relationship with the Pacific Pride Foundation and successfully applied for a grant from the fund from Santa Barbara to make her vision a reality.
  • SaBLE works to improve life for LGBT seniors who often lack family support networks, experience homophobia and housing discrimination, and are barred from receiving many federal benefits.
  • SaBLE organizes monthly potluck and speakers' series, enabling LGBT seniors to socialize, learn about their community and find an empowering network to help them through extremely challenging years.
  • SaBLE organizes annual gift wrapping potluck which brings people together to wrap and deliver gifts for elders who won't be receiving gifts in their institutional residences.
  • Faulkner spearheads LGBT Elders sensitivity Training Project which is designed to train seniors' services providers to serve LGBT seniors and recognize the unique challenges they face.
  • Faulkner and SaBLE demonstrate how important LGBT movement is as a civil rights issue for elderly Americans as well as youth.


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