Dr. Marie Cartier

" Dr. Cartier's research has been instrumental in bridging the gap between religion, identity, and gay life. She wrote a powerful new book, which elevates the early bar scene to a search for a purer, higher love and a positive cultural identity." - Dr. Carol Bliss, Cal Poly University

Marie Cartier

2014 LGBT Pride Month Local Heroes nominee

Dr. Marie Cartier

Title Ph.D
Organization/Business Author

  • A scholar, visual/performance artist, queer activist, writer and theologian. Has been an advocate for LGBT rights and the positive transformation of identity for more than two decades.
  • As an author, developed and produced award-winning theatrical show spotlighting the importance of butch/femme culture as well as publishing many pieces of poetry and several articles examining the roots and significance of early gay life and some of the pioneers in women's history.
  • Teaches at UC Irvine in the Film & Media Studies Department and CSU Northridge in Gender and Women's Studies. Developed a curriculum for LGBT classes at California State universities and teaches queer history at local universities. Received her Ph.D. in Religion from Claremont Graduate University, 2010, in Women Studies in Religion, with an emphasis on theology, ethics, and culture
  • Featured speaker and volunteer at the June Mazer Archives, the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, the Long Beach Gay and Lesbian Center, among many others, for more than 20 years. On the advisory board of the Mazer Collection
  • Recently awarded the Cal Humanities Community Stories Grant and the West Hollywood Public Access Users Choice Award 2010. Her work is included in national anthologies along with writers such as Maya Angelou and Nikki Giovanni.
  • In Homofiles and Baby, You Are My Religion, has created a body of work honoring the struggles and triumphs of gay women through the early decades of gay life in Los Angeles. Currently she is advising on and co-producing, The HomoFiles , a documentary film based on her dissertation and book, Baby You Are My Religion: Women, Gay Bars, and Theology Before Stonewall.


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