Jorge Valencia

"A Latino Mormon, Jorge Valencia did his prerequisite missionary work before coming out as a gay man. He has never stopped being a missionary, but the mission he has devoted most of his life to is the wellbeing of the LGBTQ community - especially LGBTQ youth." -Nominator (wishes to remain anonymous)

Jorge Valencia

2014 LGBT Pride Month Local Heroes nominee

Jorge Valencia

Title Executive Director and CEO
Organization/Business Point Foundation

    • Since 2007 has been Executive Director & CEO of Point Foundation, the nation's largest scholarship-granting organization for LGBTQ students of merit. The Point Foundation has been honored by the National Scholarship Providers Association. Valencia is also currently a lead volunteer in application reading for youth scholarships at the Hispanic Heritage Foundation.
    • Under his leadership, Point Foundation has developed an intergenerational model of different generations of LGBTQ people growing together through mentoring and leadership development.
    • Previously (2001-2006) President & Executive Director of The Trevor Project, a nationwide non-profit organization established to promote acceptance of gay and questioning teenagers and to aid in suicide prevention. Currently an Honorary Board Member of The Trevor Project serving as an advisor to board members, the executive director and volunteers.
    • Board Member of Affirmation, an organization bridging the relationships between LGBTQ Mormons and the LDS church..
    • In 2004 received Harvey Milk Legacy Award as one who continually gives themselves to the fight for equality and betterment of the LGBT community and named as one of OUT 100's people. In 2008 honored by Los Angeles Stonewall Young Democrats and named as one of 25 Leading Men by Instinct Magazine (2008).
    • Will be honored September 2014 at the Inaugural Brigham Young University's USGA's (Understanding Same Gender Attraction) Alumni Founder's Dinner.


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