Reverend Jerrell Walls

"Pastor Jerrell has dedicated his entire life to the service of others in the name of Christ. He helps bridge the gap between Christianity and Homosexuality. He deserves recognition." - Nominator Ken Kabalican, Christ Chapel

Rev. Jerrell Walls

2014 LGBT Pride Month Local Heroes nominee

Reverend Jerrell Walls

Title Pastor
Organization/Business Christ Chapel of the Valley

  • Founded Christ Chapel of the Valley (CCOV) in Los Angeles in 1992. CCOV is a church located in the NoHo Arts District in the San Fernando Valley with members of all ages who come from a variety of faith backgrounds and lifestyles including straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered Christians.
  • In 2013 became connected to Pastor Robert in Uganda who was arrested in 2010 for being gay when the government sent spies into his congregation. At this time, CCOV is the main financial support for the Ugandan orphanage of 315 children that Pastor Robert runs.
  • 2013 graduated from the LGBT LAPD Community Police Academy. He is part of the team that helps build relationships between the LAPD and the LGBT Community.
  • Has ministered in the LGBT community since 1988 while attending Christ Chapel Long Beach. Currently serves on the board of Christ Chapel Association of Churches.
  • Speaker for G.L.I.D.E., (Gay & Lesbian Initiating Dialogue for Equality ) whose main objective is to fight homophobia in the schools and colleges
  • .Member of Community Police Advisory Board (CPAB) for the North Hollywood Division; as part of CPAB is a volunteer leader of the LAPD earthquake preparedness class provided by the American Red Cross. Former Vice President of the Midtown North Hollywood Neighborhood Council.


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