Local Hero: Gail Farber

Gail Farber

"Inspiration is born of passion and I am passionate about inspiring women to seek and succeed in non-traditional roles."

Gail Farber is a history maker in her own right. In 2008, Ms. Farber became the first female to be appointed Director of the Los Angeles County Public Works Department one of the largest public works agencies in the United States. In this capacity, she also serves as the County Road Commissioner, County Engineer, and Chief Engineer of the Los Angeles County Flood Control District with an annual budget of $2.2 billion and more than 4,000 employees.

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Under Ms. Farber's direction, the Department provides vital public infrastructure and municipal services to protect and enrich the daily lives of the County's ten million residents. Overseeing the development and renovation of public buildings, establishing a waste-free future, providing sustainable water supplies and healthy watersheds, reducing flood risk, enhancing quality of life through safe transportation choices and roadways, ensuring healthy homes and communities and serving as public safety first responders during an emergency are just a few of Ms. Farber's long list of responsibilities for the County of Los Angeles. Ms. Farber spearheaded development of a new strategic plan, redefining the Department's vision, values and priorities to address increasingly complex issues and challenges and reclassifying its diverse operations into six core services areas to better reflect how the public experiences its services. These changes have positioned the Department to deliver more efficient, cost effective and responsive programs and services to the public.

Ms. Farber's dedication to Los Angeles County is on par to her dedication to the advancement of women. She is an advocate for promoting women to leadership roles and inspiring students to seek and succeed in non-traditional roles. She was instrumental in the development of the Women's Leadership Conference, which annually draws more than 500 women from across the County and is developing outreach programs for students to encourage careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Ms. Farber is a registered professional civil engineer with 27 years experience serving in a variety of senior engineering management positions at the state, regional and local levels of government.


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