KCET.org Party Recap

kcetlaunch-party.jpgIf you're reading this post, Congratulations. You're on our brand spanking new website. We're pretty proud of this little site. So proud, in fact, we threw a party in its honor. The best part, we invited all of you to come! So without further ado, here's what some of you thought of last night's festivities. Oh, and don't forget to register so you can create a profile and make the most of this fabulous KCET.org.

First off, I'd like to assure @jessmaerobin that no website was hurt in the throwing of this party.

jessmaerobin amdodson Tearing it up indeed.Thanks for the pic, @a_m_dodson!

We're hoping this is just a typo @gabe and that you did not eat any of the station last night. With @kogibbq, @grlldcheesetruk and @CupcakesAGoGoLA snack-filled and open for business, there really would be no excuse.


"Totally becoming a member" ... That's what we like to hear, @thinkblue!


This is the first re-launch party KCET's ever had, so I'm guessing the kogi was the regular part of @quidjay's evening.

quidjay Always like seeing nom noms in tweets:
elenaberry Here's @elenaberry's pic of the grilled cheese truck in action.

A tweet that has the hashtag #lifewin alongside #kcet? Um, awesome. Thanks, kendramarie5.

kendramarie5 cromptonsteve @Cromptonsteve reminds us that sometimes an image is worth a thousand tweets. What message could possibly set up this fantastic pic?

...And speaking of images, here are more candids from last night's public media debauchery. And if you made it out last night and took some pics, please share!


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