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The Los Angeles Police Department has had a troubled history marred by violence and sometimes injustice. But its past isn't nearly as bad as its future as seen in this short film.
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4 - Tehachapi: 25 Buildings Destroyed, 25 Percent Contained

The Tehachapi Wildfire has burned 25 structures and was only 25 percent contained as of Wednesday. The fire is just one of hundreds currently burning across the state as dry weather, heat, and summer storms come together to produce California's "fire season." » continue reading

4 - Report Finds L.A. has 2nd-Worst Roads in Nation

No, you're not imagining it. » continue reading

3 - Highland and Wilshire Shut Down by Protesters

Protesters of Arizona's controversial anti-illegal immigration law that went into effect today have blocked the intersection of Highland and Wilshire. » continue reading

2 - Officials Statewide Responding to Bell Salary Scandal

City and state officials are responding to the salary upset in Bell by considering measures designed to increase transparency and cap salaries. » continue reading

2 - Schwarzenegger Handing Out 3 Day Weekends To State Workers

Don't let the headline fool you! Three unpaid furlough days each month are going to be painful for state workers, but the governor says they are necessary. » continue reading