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Officials Statewide Responding to Bell Salary Scandal

City and state officials are responding to the salary upset in Bell by considering measures designed to increase transparency and cap salaries. City officials from around the state will meet in Sacramento Thursday to consider ideas to increase transparency and limit abuse, including the implementation of a state-wide database that tracks city officials' salaries. The state legislature is also processing several proposals derived from the Bell crisis that include ideas like tracking salaries on websites or having a salary cap for city officials.

The Bell scandal, which surfaced after a Los Angeles Times report that some city officials were making upwards of half a million dollars, including one who made $800,000 a year. Part time city council members were making $100,000 a year. The report prompted city and statewide outrage. Attorney General Jerry Brown has launched investigations into the legality of city's salary practices.

Read the Los Angeles Times story here.