Edible Estates

The Edible Estates project proposes the replacement of the domestic front lawn with a highly productive edible landscape.

Fallen Fruit

The collective Fallen Fruit maps local public fruit trees, encouraging us to rethink our relationship to food and public space.


Farmlab is a multi-disciplinary investigation of land use issues related to sustainability, livability, and health.

LA Urban Rangers

The Los Angeles Urban Rangers offer alternative guided and educational hikes of the various ecologies that make up L.A.

Sustainable L.A.

Written by Bill Kelley Jr.

Now that "the environment" is on the wider political and cultural radar, the issues of what were previously specialized and niche interests (i.e. the health of urban rivers, the protection of green spaces, the quality of our food) have become a bit more mainstream. This, of course, has its upsides and its downsides. Namely, that the simple act of recycling, to give you an example, becomes an

overly symbolic act at the same time that its practice becomes more popular and more important. This is to say that artists, as much as anyone else, are currently working through the meaning and processes of these actions and what our "environment" actually consists of. What to make of this balance between symbolic acts and actual change?
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