Corporate Sponsorship
KCET is Southern California Television

KCET - Quality Television

KCET, the largest independent public television station in the U.S., gives corporations effective on-air, online and event sponsorship options that impact influential consumers, parents and kids, community leaders and business decision-makers.

Reasons to Sponsor KCET

KCET offers corporate underwriters numerous unique tangible and intangible benefits. With KCET and its multiple program genres, sponsors have the narrow targeting of cable and the broad reach of broadcast. Beyond this marketing efficiency, a sponsor's message becomes more effective and its image enhanced in a trusted broadcast environment.

Ways to Sponsor KCET

As comprehensive marketing campaigns grow in importance, so do KCET's distinctive multi-platform options to advertisers. KCET offers sponsors unique marketing opportunities on-air, online and at events, which are available in any combination. No commercial broadcaster or cable network can offer such community-based marketing possibilities to its sponsors.