Reasons to Sponsor KCET

KCET offers corporate underwriters numerous unique tangible and intangible benefits. With KCET and its multiple program genres, sponsors have the narrow targeting of cable and the broad reach of broadcast. Beyond this marketing efficiency, a sponsor's message becomes more effective and its image enhanced in the trusted public television broadcast environment.

Targeted Quality Programs

KCET and public television have a reputation for providing the highest quality programs on television across a number of genres. This allows sponsors to associate their products or brands with quality as well as pinpoint target audiences.

Large Premium Audiences

KCET reaches over 6 million households in Southern California and has the largest geographic reach of any broadcast television station based California, giving the station huge audience potential. The premium quality of KCET's audience is higher than its competition, based on demographic measures of influential consumers, community leaders and business decision-makers.

Enhanced Sponsor Image

KCET builds brand identification and strengthens sponsors' corporate image. Sponsors benefit from the "halo effect" of being associated with KCET and public television, the most trusted institution in the U.S. Nearly 85% of consumers believe higher-purpose, cause-related marketing creates a positive image for sponsors; 75% of public television viewers believe that companies that sponsor public television have a commitment to quality and excellence.

Credible, Low-Clutter Environment

Corporate messages have greater impact in the low-clutter environment found only on public media. Absence of clutter, prohibition against "hard sell" spots, and trustworthiness of KCET combine to make underwriting messages extremely credible and memorable. Public television's dignified approach to on-air sponsor support is appreciated and respected by our loyal viewers.