Ways to Sponsor KCET

As comprehensive marketing campaigns grow in importance, so do KCET's distinctive multi-platform options to advertisers. KCET offers sponsors unique marketing opportunities on-air, online and at events, which are available in any combination. No commercial broadcaster or cable network can offer such community- based marketing possibilities to its sponsors.

Local Television

KCET's large audience of local public television viewers watch our award-winning, high-quality programs across a number of genres, each with a generally distinct and premium audience. Local sponsors can run flighted adjacencies around any program and/or in any daypart. And for KCET-produced programs, such as SoCal Connected, Artbound, Earth Focus and Border Blaster, sponsors can provide underwriting messages and billboards within the program.

National Television - Link TV

National satellite channel Link TV is part of the KCETLink Media Group, along with Los Angeles public television KCET. Link TV offers corporate underwriters penetration into nearly 35 million homes across the U.S. on either DirectTV or Dish Network.

Link TV underwriters enjoy all of the reasons to sponsor as KCET underwriters, including targeted quality programs, enhanced sponsor image, a credible, low-clutter environment, and large premium audiences. Link TV audiences are generally younger than most of public television, with a median age of 37.6 years.

KCETLink Original programs ArtBound, City Walk, Border Blaster and Earth Focus are broadcast weekly on Link TV. Please visit Link TV.org for complete show descriptions and episode examples of thought-provoking national television series available for underwriting.

National Television - BBC World News
BBC World News is distributed by KCETLink Media Group through 274 public television stations to over 97% of all U.S. households. This daily international news series presents the latest global news from the BBC, especially tailed for the U.S. audience.

This series offers corporate underwriters a national audience that is larger than most directly competing cable networks and also has higher indexes of education, wealth and influence.

BBC World News corporate sponsors have maximum flexibility with national flight schedules, creative elements, and package customization.


KCET.org gives sponsors a younger audience than available on our television broadcasts, and with even higher levels of education, income and employment. Sponsorship options of the websites include banners across the site or within defined sections, webcasts, video pre-rolls - all with generally less restrictive creative elements than allowed on KCET's air. Also, extensive social media campaigns around KCET program and productions bolster sponsor awareness.


KCET offers corporate underwriters numerous real-world opportunities to interact with its audience, including the long-running KCET Cinema Series. Those interested in sponsoring the Cinema Series, or other KCETLink events, should contact Michele Garza, Executive Director of Events and Promotions, at 747.201.5485.