[CLOSED] Holiday Lights Photo Contest

Celebrate the holidays and your neighborhood with KCET's Holiday Lights Photo Contest!

Take a picture of the brightest or most original holiday lights displayed in your neighborhood and post it on the official KCET Facebook page. On Dec. 18, we'll collect all the entries and post them in one big Facebook album. The picture with the most "likes" will become our official KCET Facebook cover photo for the holidays, so submit your pictures now!

Things to remember:

  • Submit your picture by December 18.
  • We want photos from this holiday season, so please make sure the photo you send in was taken within two weeks of the date you submit it.
  • You need to submit your own photos -- i.e., don't scan a professionally photographed postcard and pass it off as your own, please.
  • When you submit it, be sure to tell us where in SoCal you can find this particular location, so anyone looking to take in the best holiday lights around can find it themselves.
For further questions, click here for our official rules.

(Image by Flickr user jfl1066 via a Creative Commons License.)


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