[Updated] BritWeek Ticket Giveaway!

Contest ends today at 5pm.

Celebrate BritWeek, participate to win a pair of VIP tickets to celebrate your favourite British document, the Magna Carta!

The Bodlieian Library at the University of Oxford organized the new exhibit at LACMA in honour of BritWeek, which celebrates our residents from across the pond from April 26 to May 11. The Anglophile in all of us can finally roam the streets of Los Angeles and find kinship with fellow British-loving travellers!

All you have to do to win is leave a comment telling us what aspect of British life, society, rule, law, music, or entertainment you love. On Friday April 22 we will pick five random comments to be our winners!

From the site:

An original Magna Carta from the Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford will be on view on Level 2 of the Art of the Americas Building during the annual celebration of BritWeek. The Great Charter granted by King John on 15 June 1215 at Runnymede near Windsor, and reissued throughout the 13th century during the succeeding reigns of Henry III and Edward I, set key limitations upon royal authority. A landmark in the history of democracy, it remains to this day an important symbol of freedom and the rule of law. The ideas expressed in Magna Carta found especial resonance in America, paving the political road to the Charters of Freedom.

Only seventeen surviving original manuscripts of Magna Carta are known today, dating from 1215 to 1297. A manuscript of the 1217 charter, issued in the name of King Henry III, will be displayed at LACMA.

LACMA's exhibition of the Magna Carta is only one of many activities taking place. Click to learn more about BritWeek and upcoming events!

Image by Flickr user Photo Plod, used under a Creative Commons License.

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I have traveled in Southwest England extensively, and I think my favorite thing about being there is how quiet everything is. For the most part, people are polite and nobody seems to be in a rush. Just surrounded by rolling green pastures, very old buildings, and peace and quiet! It's an easy pace. Even standing in queues (which is like a national pastime for the English) is pleasant. I also really like how there are little shops for everything; rather than a superstore culture, the Brits seem to be dedicated to their greengrocers, butchers, bakers, etc.

I would recommend anyone who wants to visit England outside of London to go to the southwest corner!


I love all the impact that British artists have had on popular culture, from Shakespeare, to the Beatles, to well known actors. I have never been to Great Britain, but I would love to visit and soak in all the history, art, and great slang! :)


I remember my older brother making me do jumping jacks so that I could stay awake to watch Monty Python. I was probably 4 or 5 so you can imagine the impact that it had on me. It helped form my sense of humor so since then I have always been drawn to Britcoms, everything from The Goodies to The Young Ones to Spaced. Many friends call me an Anglophile and I don't correct them!


I loooooooooove afternoon tea and elevensies. Anything to do with more food and good tea is tops in my book. I'll also give a woop woop to The Vicar of Dibley and Wooster and Jeeves.