Desert, Folk Art, Love: A Visit to Salvation Mountain

Leonard Knight and Salvation Mountain: A Story of Love. by Jon Furtado.

"Love can get so big that it can cover everybody in the world--if you let it"
~Leonard Knight

Just east of the Salton Sea near the town of Niland, Calif. is the famous desert dwelling of Leonard Knight. There, at the entrance of the so-called Slab City, is the 50-foot tall Salvation Mountain, a 30-year (and continuing) labor of love that spans 150 feet in length.

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The ultimate message of this oft visited folk art installation? "God is Love."

Although the Christian Bible is the dominating theme, it appears Knight does not fully see it that way. "We don't get into one denomination and figure the other ones are going to make it," he explained," God is Universal."

With everything going on in the world, it's fascinating to see someone who's working towards getting everyone together and trying to get everyone to get along," said filmmaker Jon Furtado, who recently visited Knight for the above short film.

Salvation Mountain is located in Imperial County, about a hour and a half from Palm Springs or one hour from El Centro.

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I really enjoyed Salvation Mountain. Went on a cloudy day and it began to rain; Lost a shoe in the mud. Got a chance to talk to Leonard, too! Highly recommended!