Attention, UpDaily RSS Readers: We're Changing Feeds

Image: RafaEU Faria/Flickr/CCL
KCET will very soon be going through some structural changes on the back and front ends, most notably the change from UpDaily to News. That means if you subscribe to the full UpDaily RSS feed, you'll stop getting updates in your reader (don't worry if you only subscribe to individual blogs like SoCal Focus yet). To be clear, the following feeds will be changed:


The new RSS feed will be:


We apologize for the inconveniences and hope to see you on the other side!

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Zach Behrens is KCETLink's Editor-in-Chief of Blogs, where he oversees website editorial and advises on projects. When he does write, he mostly covers local government, environment, and the outdoors.
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