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I first understood the meaning of great food in 1979 while living in France, and cooking for a French family. Using Julia Child's 'Mastering the Art of French Cooking' I learned to cook a la française. Since those early days I have worked in such restaurants as Jeremiah Tower's Stars in San Francisco, the Santa Fe Bar & Grill in Berkeley, Brendan Walsh's Arizona 206 in New York, and Restaurant Muse in Los Angeles. I was also a cheese buyer at the Oakville Grocery in San Francisco, and the DDL Foodshow in New York. I have traveled and eaten my way through Europe, Mexico, South America and the Far East. I recently decided to write about my career, experiences and travels in the food world. I live in Los Angeles; and I am at work on my first novel, and I write the food blog, ‘100 Miles.’
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    @Lucy: Thanks! You are right, Canele is the correct spelling. @Mike: Will definitely check out both those places - love, love Mexican food. Thanks!...
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    This is a great list. So many of these are places I frequent and adore. Those that I'm not familiar with I'll make a point of checking out (like The Home Wine, Beer and Cheese Making Shop!). L.A. is an...
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