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Chris Clarke is a natural history writer and environmental journalist currently at work on a book about the Joshua tree. He lives in Joshua Tree. Check out his Facebook page.
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    We do run positive news abut wind, such as advances in designs that offer lower bird mortality. And as our contacts in the utility-scale solar industry will tell you, we don't restrict our critical take to wind energy. As for...
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    Greg: More like 1) Savory makes several unsubtle statements to the effect that all deserts are actually grasslands waiting to be restored by his own proprietary method. Which I believe I actually said in some detail in the original post....
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    We've got about 500 articles here on ReWire encouraging development of sensible energy generation technologies. You might want to take a look through them before you leap to conclusions about what we believe. Also, I wish I had a Macbook...
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    Even today, I meet people who regularly go between downtown Los Angeles and Long Beach who've never considered doing so on the Blue Line. Blame racism if you must, or classism, or anti-transit bias, but I would submit you need...
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    Second-hand anecdotal tales from Manitoba don't in any way address the reality of grazing in the arid lands of the American southwest. I note that none of the comments supporting Savory actually address the issues this essay raises, but merely...
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    Thanks for the clarification and extended analysis, rd!...
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    I very much appreciate your expanding on the piece in your mainly excellent comment, ethics. I say mainly because I'd strongly prefer commenters avoid appearance-based slurs. The physical appearance of players in the renewable energy world in California is irrelevant...
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    Please don't dilute your excellent points with irrelevant comments about people's body sizes. Let's keep the conversation on topic. (Don't get me wrong: I definitely appreciate your thanks, but I wonder if you'd have offered them if you knew I'm...
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    Thanks for stepping up with the good info, joaquin!...
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    At this point, Chris W, you are just making stuff up wholesale. Cut it out....
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