Lauren Bon
About Me:
Since 2005 Ms. Bon has worked at the intersection of art and philanthropy. She employs “devices of wonder” to galvanize social and political transformation, which she continues to support through non-profit support that can underpin the momentum of her engagements. Her works include: "Not A Cornfield" (2005-2006), which turned a 32 acre brownfield in the historic center of Los Angeles into a State Park. "Strawberry Flag" (2009-2010), an aquaponic strawberry farm raised at an under-purposed property that was deeded to be a home for veterans in 1888, and which is currently being transformed into a shelter for homeless veterans. And "AgH20" (2007) a 240-mile work that aims at reconnecting Los Angeles with the elements that made it viable historically: silver and water, both mined from the mountains of the Owens Valley. This latter work is a time-based act of reconciliation. November 5, 2013 will mark one hundred years since the opening of the LA Aqueduct.
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