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Zach Behrens is KCET's Director of News, Region and State, working on digital and on-air news products that relate to Southern California and beyond. He is also the Digital Executive Producer for "SoCal Connected."

Behrens previously ran LAist and has held positions at the city of Santa Clarita and California Institute of the Arts, where he earned a degree in music. He has won awards from the Los Angeles Press Club, L.A. Weekly, and the San Fernando Valley Business Journal. In 2008, he was named—somewhat arbitrarily, but it's fun to say anyway—as the 8th most influential person in Los Angeles by

He is currently a member of the Outdoors Writers Association of California and has served as an Associate Member on the Los Angeles chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists as well as the CalArts Alumni Board, San Fernando Valley Jaycees, and the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council.
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    Hi all, thanks for all of your comments! If you didn't catch it or only saw a portion, you can now watch the whole film at our special website here:
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    Hey guys, Thanks again for commenting with such passion on this issue. I just want to make sure that hyperbole and fact are not getting conflated. We want this to be a safe space to logically discuss the facts at...
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    Hey everybody, Thanks for discussing this issue here. It's obviously one of passion with many sides. I love seeing all the sides come together. But I did want to step in and do a little refereeing here. The personal attacks...
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    Hey, leglaw! We're definitely looking into airing "Borgen" on KCET so more Southern Californians have a chance to see it -- because that would be pretty great, right? -- but this being the first official day of the merger, there's...
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    Thanks, Drew! Can't wait to hear about it....
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    Cotton Candy and Watermelon Pluot Salad (see a photo here) To make one serving, take one cotton candy pluot and one watermelon pluot -- both chilled -- and slice, and mix in a bowl. Squeeze a half lime over fruit....
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    I can't officially enter as a KCET employee, but still wanted to submit my overly simple recipe for fun! Grilled Eggplant and Zucchini Ingredients Eggplant Zucchini Olive Oil Freshly-cracked peppercorn Sea Salt Chili Flakes Directions Brush olive oil onto both...
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    Thanks for catching the innocent misspelling, cheleguanaco, I missed that (my fault). It's been fixed....
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    I've been saying for years and continue to: "Hip froyo and other trends will come and go, but cupcakes are here to stay."...
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    I don't know what it is about bucatini - the hollow middle? - but it's my favorite pasta....
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