Downtown LA Stadium: AEG Seeks Protection from Lawsuits

Rendering of proposed downtown L.A. football stadium | Courtesy AEG
Rendering of proposed downtown L.A. football stadium | Courtesy AEG

Since its inception, the notion of bringing the NFL back to Los Angeles has garnered both cheers and jeers.

AEG is moving forward with its plans to build "Farmers Field," whose naming rights were purchased by Farmers Insurance, adjacent to Staples Center. Those plans could be derailed by a barrage of "frivolous" lawsuits, AEG president Tim Leiweke told a state panel Friday.

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Leiweke is asking state lawmakers to pass special legislation that would protect the developer from lawsuits that could delay or stop progress on the downtown stadium, according to ESPN.

"We've made it very clear that we will not move forward without this [lawsuit protection]," Leiweke said. "We cannot and will not move forward with this project with that uncertainty hanging over our head because the NFL will not commit to Farmers Field with that uncertainty hanging over our head."

NBC LA has also reported that the stadium may not generate as much money as once hoped or promised to the city of Los Angeles.

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