LADOT: DASH and Commuter Express Now on Google Maps

Screenshot of the Van Nuys/Studio City DASH in the San Fernando Valley
Screenshot of the Van Nuys/Studio City DASH in the San Fernando Valley

Los Angeles Department of Transportation officials have joined numerous other local transit agencies in sharing data with Google. DASH and Commuter Express riders could always find routing and scheduling information on the city's website, but as of today the data can also be found in Google Maps.

That may sound redundant, but the power of this integration helps commuters best choose routes across a region where numerous transit agencies operate. Without a central data hub, planning a trip from, let's say, a far flung area of Orange County to downtown L.A. could mean visiting a number of transit websites to check schedules. With Google, a lot of that work is already done.

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In Southern California, agencies already working with Google include Burbank Bus, Irvine Shuttle, Long Beach Transit, Amtrak, Los Angeles Metro, North County Transit District (San Diego), San Diego MTS, Orange County Transit Authority, Redding Area Bus Authority, Riverside Transit Agency, OMNITRANS (San Bernardino), Foothill Transit (San Gabriel and Pomona valleys), SLO Transit, Big Blue Bus (Santa Monica), Metrolink and Thousand Oaks Transit.

DASH is a daytime local circulator service that services a variety of Los Angeles neighborhoods from the San Fernando Valley to San Pedro to its extensive network in downtown Los Angeles, where an additional tool, DTdash.com, gives riders real-time arrival information. Commuter Express operates longer routes that open run during commute times.

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