Metro Releases Late-Night Train Service Schedules

A Gold Line train passes by in Little Tokyo. | Photo: cyan79/Flickr/KCET.org Southern California Flickr Pool

Metro this weekend is expanding its rail schedule by running trains later into the night on Friday and Saturday nights. That's a big move for a system that, for the most part, shuts down in the midnight hour, leaving workers and people doing the bar thing with limited bus options, taxis, and personal vehicles.

Save for one Blue Line route (from Long Beach to downtown L.A.), most lines' last train leave their respective hub stations around 2 a.m. Here's a listing of them all:

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Red Line's Last Trains (Goes between North Hollywood and downtown L.A.)

1:56 a.m. starting at North Hollywood
2:12 a.m. starting at Union Station (Connect to Orange Line's last bus at 2:53 a.m.)

Purple Line's Last Trains (Goes between Koreatown and downtown L.A.)

2:01 a.m. starting at Wilshire/Western
2:02 a.m. starting at Union Station

Blue Line's Last Trains (Goes between 7th/Metro in Downtown L.A. and Long Beach)

12:53 a.m. starting at Long Beach Transit Mall to Downtown L.A.
2:07 starting at 7th Street/Metro
3:07 a.m. starting at Long Beach Transit Mall to the Wardlow Station

Gold Line's Last Trains (Goes between Pasadena and East L.A. via downtown L.A.)

1:39 a.m. starting at Sierra Madre (Leaves Union Station at 2:12 a.m.* for East L.A.)
1:43 a.m. starting at Atlantic (Leaves Union Station at 2:12 a.m.* for Pasadena)
*"Train may arrive up to 5 minutes before time shown for transfer connections", notes the schedule for the Union Station stop.

Orange Line's Last Buses (Goes between Chatsworth and North Hollywood)

1:50 a.m. starting at Chatsworth Station
2:53 a.m. starting at North Hollywood

Expo Line's Last Trains (Goes between Culver City and downtown L.A.)

1:49 a.m. starting at Culver City
2:12 a.m. starting at 7th Street/Metro Center

Green Line's Last Trains (Goes Between Norwalk and Redondo Beach)

1:58 a.m. starting at Redondo Beach (For transfers to Long Beach only, arrives at Blue Line junction at 2:20 a.m.)
2:09 a.m. starting at Norwalk (For transfers to Long Beach only, arrives at Blue Line junction at 2:20 a.m.)

Not all last trains, however, will get you a connection. In many cases, you'll have to plan ahead. For example, only the second-to-last Red Line train from both directions will drop you off at 7th/Metro in time for a transfer on the Expo Line toward Culver City (last departing Purple Line trains will get you that connection, though).

You'll also notice that the Silver Line, a major bus route, is not running into the late-night hours. Officials say extending its schedule is under consideration.

Transfer information for the Gold and Blue lines was updated after publish for clarity.

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