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Community Advisory Board | KCET


Community Advisory Board

KCET's community engagement efforts with its viewers and supporters would not be possible without the help of the Community Advisory Board (CAB). This active group of volunteer leaders is the station's eyes and ears of the community and play an integral part of the planning and implementation of many KCET outreach programs.

Their function, as mandated by Congress in 1979, is to advise the governing body of KCET with respect to whether the programming and other policies are meeting the special educational and cultural needs of the various communities served by the station.

Regular membership consists of 30 members and reflects the diversity, needs and interests of KCET's viewers. CAB members serve a six-year term, with new members joining annually. Because KCET has the largest geographic reach of any public media television station in California, the Community Advisory Board members represent diverse constituencies and a wide array of issues such as aging/senior citizens, cultural diversity, national commemorative heritage month initiatives, community services, culture and the arts, economy, family, health/medical services, media services, substance abuse, science/technology, youth, and education/schools.

The CAB meets quarterly on Wednesdays, at 5:30 pm at KCET.

Community Advisory Board Members

Diane Poon 

Vice Chair
Jonathan Strum


Ruben Aronin

Sonia Bautista

Antonio Brown, Ph.D.

Nichole P. Curtis

Lauren Deutsch

Kenneth Eng  

Claudio Estrada, Jr.

Brenda Forbes

Asher Gellis   

Manuel Huerta

Carol Kwan

Michelle Lin

Joan Mace

Karen  Mack

Marium Mohiuddin

Steve Muro

Marco Perez

Yaphett Powell

Yatrika Mariam Shah-Rais     

Bonnie Williams

Annie Yee


Emeritus Members

Ken Chan

Munson Kwok


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