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Our Digital Channels | KCET


Our Digital Channels

KCET is the public media voice that reflects the ethos and global citizenry of Southern and Central California. The station remains committed to covering, acquiring and producing content specific to local culture, arts, news and education. Viewers can watch their favorite original and acquired programs on KCET's schedule, including "Doc Martin," "Foyle's War," "SoCal Connected," "Artbound," "City Walk," "Open Call," and "Visiting With Huell Howser," just to name a few.

As part of KCET becoming the nation's largest independent public television station on January 1, 2011, KCET expanded its line-up of digital channels. The exact position of each channel in your specific cable line-up can be found by using our Channel Zip Code Finder, but we'd like to give you a rundown here of the three three digital multi-cast channels KCET broadcasts 24/7.



NHK World Channel launches via digital broadcast through a dedicated over-the-air channel (Channel 28.4) in Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura Counties. NHK WORLD TV will also broadcast digitally to subscribers of Brighthouse (Channel 32), Charter (Channel 311), Comcast (Channel 192), Cox (Channel 812), Time Warner (Channel 239) and Verizon FiOS (Channel 463).

The channel provides a 24-hour programming cycle, including the network's news show, "NEWSLINE," hourly at the top of every hour, as well as a variety of lifestyle and cultural shows, such as "TOKYO EYE," "Journeys in Japan," "imagine-nation" and "Dining with the Chef." The channel also offers an assortment of documentaries and specials.

With such a large Asian community here, we are pleased to be able to offer an opportunity for viewers to stay abreast of news and public affairs happening in Asia, and learn more about how this wonderful and influential culture impacts our region.

To see today's scheduled NHK World programming, click here.



Vme, one of America's largest Spanish networks, entertains and informs with quality Spanish-language programming for the entire family, including primetime drama, music, sports, current affairs and Latin cinema, along with world-class kids, food, lifestyle and nature programs.

Vme is a 24/7 alternative to traditional Spanish-language television. Vme programs include original productions throughout the day including "TuBebe" and "MiMascota," plus music and film review series "Estudio Billboard" and "En Pantalla" in primetime. Vme's exclusive miniseries line-up offering the best of international cinema will be broadcast as part of Estelares Vme, Monday through Thursday evenings at 9:00 p.m.

Vme is the first and only Spanish-language public television programming service in the U.S. With Spanish TV's largest block of cooking, travel, home, health, parenting and more - Vme's daytime programming continues to fill the steady demand for entertaining and informative lifestyle formats. The 24-hour network, partnered with public television stations, is currently available in over 10 million Hispanic homes. Vme is the first venture of the media production and distribution company, Vme Media Inc. To find out more visit

And to see today's schedule Vme programming, click here.



KCETLink is the national independent public transmedia organization formed by the merger between KCET and Link Media. A viewer-supported 501c(3) organization, its content is distributed nationally via satellite on DirecTV and DISH, in Southern and Central California via broadcast, as well as through various digital delivery systems. As new technologies continue to make dramatic changes to the media landscape, KCETLink is committed to driving public media innovation with smarter ways to access content that engages all audiences. New programming leverages social media and digital technology to continue to attract new viewers on alternative platforms, such as the Link TV World News app for the iPad that curates the best of broadcast world news reporting from over 125 news outlets. KCETLink offers a cross-section of vibrant programming that taps into the cultural diversity of its combined viewership. Some of those programs, which have aired on both channels, include BAFTA-winning "Borgen," "LinkAsia" and "City Walk." Joint documentary presentations have showcased stories of inspiration and education, such as "The Power of Two" and "Shadows of Liberty."

To see today's scheduled KCETLink programming, click here.


KCETLINK MEDIA GROUP is the national independent public media organization formed by the merger between KCET and Link Media. A viewer-supported 501c(3) organization, its content is distributed nationally via satellite on DIRECTV (ch. 375) and DISH Network (ch. 9410), in Southern and Central California via broadcast and cable, as well as through various digital delivery systems.