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Tending Nature

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Southland Sessions

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Earth Focus

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City Rising

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Lost LA

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Throughout its history, KCET has acquired and produced thousands of hours of award-winning programming for local, regional and national distribution through television broadcast, online streaming and OTT channels including Roku and Apple TV. Since the merger with PBS SoCal, the newly formed media company is focused on producing programming with pooled resources. 

PBS SoCal and KCET broadcast to over 19 million viewers across California— comprising the 2nd largest media market in the United States. As we seek to expand our storytelling efforts and service original experiences for our viewers in Los Angeles, we accept program-length content from producers whose voices represent our diverse communities. Our distinctive range of values creates opportunities to educate, inform and inspire our audiences. If you think your film aligns with our brand, consider producing with PBS SoCal and KCET.

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In Concert At The Hollywood Bowl Poster
Broken Bread Poster
SoCal Wanderer Poster
Huell Howser Poster
Tending Nature Poster
Migrant Kitchen Poster
Artbound Poster
Southland Sessions Poster
SoCal Connected Poster
Night Shift Poster
Earth Focus Poster
Lost LA Poster
Border Blaster Poster
LA Foodways Poster
City Rising Poster
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Actors on Actors Poster
Bonnie Boswell Poster
Dodgers Stories Poster
Hollywood Architect Poster
Sustaining California Poster
Voces Poster
Holiday Celebration Poster
Huey Poster
Imagining the Future Poster
LaArt Poster
John Parkison Poster
Korla Poster
Finding Home Poster
Drive By Economist Poster
Cyberwork Poster
Zoltan Maga Poster
Zoltan Maga 2 Poster
Yakov Poster
Studio SoCal Poster
Nathan Carter Poster
Mia Poster
Montage Poster
Climbing Home Poster
Media Festival Poster
Ed Edelman Poster
NZP Poster
Buried History Poster
Bloody Thursday Poster

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Digital Producer – Education

The Digital Producer will be responsible for the development, coordination, and production of digital content for education-specific initiatives, PBS campaigns, acquisitions, and digital initiatives.
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Associate Producer

The Associate Producer assists the Producer in the creation of smart, original content for multiple distribution channels—on broadcast and digital platforms—with a heavy emphasis on unscripted video production, as well as occasional studio production.
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Database Analyst

Reporting to the Director, Data Management, the Database Analyst will assist with managing the CRM systems and work cross-departmentally on data analytic projects.