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KCET Programming/Schedule
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About KCET

KCET Programming / Schedule

Where can I find information regarding your broadcast schedule? 
For information regarding our broadcast schedule, please visit our broadcast schedule page at:

How many hours of programming does KCET broadcast?
KCET broadcasts more than 8,700 hours of programming each year.

How can I receive a DVD or video of a program that I saw on KCET?
You can check on this website. From this page, search by program to see all the available gifts we have at this time. You may also contact our Member Services Department at 747-201-5238, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., for further information regarding DVD availability.

I requested and paid for a product through KCET. Why is this considered a donation?
KCET fundraises by offering DVDs, books, or other products as thank you gifts in exchange for your donation. A portion of the proceeds from your donation allows us to purchase and ship the DVD or other gifts as a thank you for your support. The donation amount to receive thank you gifts varies with the items included. Note: KCET does not directly sell any products.

How can I obtain footage of a KCET program that aired many years ago?
Please email your request to the following KCET email address:

How can I obtain a copy of a clip I saw on Classic Arts Showcase?
Please visit the Classic Arts Showcase website for information on clips, video distributors, as well as other resources related to the program:

Support KCET

What are KCET's Membership benefits?
As a KCET donor, you are supporting the very best in television. Basic Membership benefits include:

  • Invitations to members-only events
  • KCET Connected Publication (quarterly)
  • Access to stream premium programming through PBS Passport

How can I support KCET?
You can contribute to KCET, by visiting or by calling our toll free donation line at 1-866-523-8200. You can also download and complete our donation form and mail it to us at:

PO Box 33816
Los Angeles, CA 90033-0816

How can I find out when my KCET membership expires?
Please contact our Member Services Department at 747-201-5238.

Why do I get renewal notices when I've already sent in my renewal?
You may continue to get renewal requests while we process your membership contribution. Because we pre-generate our mail several weeks in advance, there is occasionally cross mail following membership renewal. We ask for your patience during this time.

Can I renew my membership online?
Yes, you can renew online by visiting the KCET Support Page of this website at: KCET's computer system will match up your information with your membership account's information to attribute your contribution to your membership renewal.

Why did I get this solicitation asking me to become a new member of KCET if I am already an existing member?
We exchange names and addresses with other not-for-profit organizations in order to extend our membership roster. Before attempting to capture these potential new members, we cross-reference our database to verify if they are existing members. If your name or address appears even slightly differently on the new list, the system may not detect it as a match. When this happens, you may receive a letter asking you to become a member.

Is my contribution tax-deductible? Who can I contact to get a receipt for my contribution?
Yes, all contributions made to KCET are tax-deductible, except for the fair market value of any thank-you gifts you may have received. If you would like a receipt, please feel free to contact our Member Services Department at 747-201-5238.

Can I give a membership as a gift to someone else?
Current system limitations make us unable to offer a gift membership at this time. For the most up-to-date information regarding KCET gift memberships, simply contact our Member Services Department at 747-201-5238.

Can I make a donation to get a thank-you gift for someone else?
Yes, you can definitely donate to KCET in order to give a thank-you gift (i.e. DVD, CD, Book, etc.) to a family member or a friend. For more information, simply contact our Member Services Department at 747-201-5238.

I would like to donate my vehicle to KCET. Who do I need to contact?
Please call 1-866-KAR-KCET (1-866-527-5238). Any of our representatives will be more than happy to assist you. Or, you may fill out a brief online form by clicking on the following link and a KCET Vehicle Donation representative will contact you:

You may also visit our Frequently Asked Questions page regarding KCET Vehicle donations by clicking on the following link:

All proceeds from vehicle donations go to support the day to day business operations of Public Media Group of Southern California.

How can I make a legacy gift (non-cash donation) to KCET? What if I want to leave something to KCET in my will?
To make such a gift or request more information, please contact Carrie Arce, Major Gifts Officer 747-201-5213 or by email

Does KCET exchange its membership lists with other organizations?
KCET does exchange membership lists with some charitable organizations. As a non-profit organization dependent upon member support, we find this reaches potential donors in a successful and efficient way. We respect your privacy in every way--if you would like to have your name removed from our exchange list, please contact our Member Services Department at 747-201-5238. KCET has never exchanged lists with any political party or organization, and this is expressly prohibited in our Privacy Policy.

How do I know if my company has a Matching Gifts Program?
To find out if your company has a Matching Gifts Program, please contact your company's Human Resources office. Many employers share your commitment to KCET and will double or even triple your donation. For a complete list of employers who participate in the Matching Gifts Program, please check out the Matching Gifts Page here: or call our Member Services Department at 747-201-5238. If your employer is not currently listed via our Matching Gifts Page, they still may be interested in becoming a part of the Matching Gifts Program. Please have your employer contact our Matching Gifts Department at

How can I verify that the telemarketing call that I received was legitimate?
If you have any questions or concerns regarding any telemarketing call made on KCET's behalf, please feel free to contact our Member Services Department at 747-201-5238.

What is a Sustaining Membership?
A Sustaining Membership allows you to support KCET by setting up an automatic monthly contribution of any dollar amount ($5 per month or more). Your donation may be electronically transferred from your bank account each month, or automatically charged to your credit card. An automatic monthly donation helps KCET save money in processing fees and mailing costs. This is an ongoing contribution that may only be cancelled at your request. If you are interested in joining, fill out the donation form here or please contact our Member Services Department at 747-201-5238.

I made a contribution during the last drive. Where's my thank-you gift?
Normally, it takes up to 6 weeks from the time we process your contribution for the gift to be shipped. On rare occasions, there can be additional delays because national demand for an item may slow down our distributors. Many items will ship from our warehouse immediately, and some will take the full 6 weeks. We welcome your calls or emails, and will do everything possible to keep you updated on the shipping status of your thank-you gift.

Can I get a thank-you gift from a previous fundraising drive?
It is occasionally possible to receive thank-you gifts from our past fundraising drives. If you are interested in any of our past gifts, please contact our Member Services Department at 747-201-5238.

How do I return a thank you gift to KCET?
KCET is happy to replace any defective items that have been returned within 30 days of receipt. If your thank-you gift is returned opened, it will be replaced with the same item. 

Returning a thank-you gift for a refund will be subject to the following:

UNOPENED ITEMS returned within 30 days of receipt, will receive a full refund, less your original shipping charge.

OPENED, undamaged items returned within 30 days of receipt, will receive either a replacement of the same item or a refund, less your original shipping charge and the wholesale cost of the item to KCET. Please call us at 747-201-5238 with questions BEFORE you break the seal.

NOTE: All items must be returned within 30 days of receipt.

Returned thank-you gifts should be shipped to:
Attn: Viewer Services
2900 West Alameda Ave
Burbank, CA 91505-4267
Please enclose the original packing slip with the returned merchandise. Please tell us why you are returning your thank-you gift by writing your reason on the backside of the packing slip. 

For further assistance, please contact our Member Services Department at 747-201-5238.

About KCET

What is KCET?
Founded September 28, 1964, KCET is the largest independent public television station in the U.S., providing  public television service to nearly 2 million individual viewers throughout 11 diverse counties in Southern and Central California.

The call letters KCET stand for: Community Educational Television. The Federal Communications Commission regulations require that each TV station identify itself by call letters and by city of license. Some TV station call letters trace their origins to the slogans of their radio station predecessors. Public television stations have continued this tradition, thus, the branding K for KCET.

What is the broadcast range of KCET?
Covering one of the largest geographic areas of any public TV station in the U.S., KCET is available in 11 Southern and Central California counties over multiple distribution systems, including over-the-air, cable, and satellite. KCET can be seen on cable or over the air in Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, Orange County, Ventura County and Santa Barbara. We are received as far away as the Antelope Valley, Redlands, Bakersfield, San Luis Obispo, Victorville and Oceanside.

How many people watch KCET?
Nearly 2 million individual viewers watch KCET every month throughout 11 diverse counties in Southern and Central California.

How do I contact KCET?
Please feel free to write, e-mail or call us at:

2900 West Alameda Ave
Burbank, CA 91505-4267 

Tel: (747) 201-5238

Or you may also visit our Contact Us page at

What is KCET's Tax ID Number?
Our Tax ID Number is: 95-2211661; 501(c)(3).

Where can I view KCET's Financial Reports and Activity Reports?
Please click on the following link, to view PDFs of these reports:

How can I submit a program or a story idea to KCET?
We sincerely appreciate your interest. Unfortunately, KCET does not accept unsolicited program submissions unless submitted through an entertainment agent or lawyer. You must also sign a submission release.

I would like to volunteer at KCET. Who can I call to inquire about the volunteering opportunities?
Throughout the year, volunteers help KCET in many ways. Your life's experience, skill, knowledge, and time are valuable to us. There are a variety of talents that we can use in a number of the station's areas - Member Services, Membership Marketing, Accounting, Production, Fundraising, Event Support, to name a few. Also, when we broadcast fundraising drives, our phone banks are staffed with community-minded organizations and individuals who help us to meet our goals. It is a chance to meet and work with friends and neighbors who all believe in quality television.

If you would like to be a volunteer at KCET, please contact our Volunteer Office at (747) 201-5787 or visit our Volunteer Opportunities page.

I am interested in working at KCET. How can I find out if there are any employment opportunities?
We appreciate your interest in working at KCET! Please visit our Job Opportunities page here:

I would like to become an intern. Who do I contact about internship opportunities?
Please click this link to learn more about internship opportunities at KCET.

Where do I send a press release?
If you would like more information on KCET's Education and Outreach activities, please call (747) 201-5788.


*On May 7th, we upgraded our broadcast antenna, and as a result, some viewers may see a change in signal reception. If you experience a degradation in signal, click here to find steps to restore your signal.

Why is KCET now a digital channel on most cable providers? 
In an effort to improve public media service for our viewers, KCET made a strategic decision to retain its digital multicast channels, which are KCETLINK and NHK World. In order to do so, KCET elected to give up its analog position. This has impacted our channel positions with some cable services. Our new digital channel strategy empowers us to pursue our mission to offer a wide range of programs that feature diverse perspectives.

We are sorry if we have inconvenienced you in any way as KCET made the transition to digital service.

If I don't have a digital cable box, will I still be able to get KCET?
If you are among the cable customers without a cable box, you will be unable to receive KCET programming as part of your Time Warner Cable, Charter or Cox cable service. In order to enjoy KCET's quality programming, if you do not currently have a digital cable box or a DTV converter box, you will need to consider upgrading to a basic digital cable package. KCET is also available for free over the air using a digital antenna.

Currently, the KCET digital sub-channels are not available via satellite.

Where can I find KCET?
Over the air, KCET is available on channel 28.1. Cable and satellite subscribers can use the channel finder at the bottom of every page to see where KCET is available, searching by zip code. Learn more at

What are my alternatives to digital cable?
There are other options for receiving KCET, including AT&T U-Verse, Verizon FiOS, or satellite systems such as DirecTV and Dish Network. You would need to contact these providers to learn more about their service and pricing options. Also, KCET continues to be available over-the-air (without any provider) via its digital transmission. 

How do I get KCET over-the-air?
In order to view KCET via an over-the-air digital signal, there are two options: 1) Buy a new digital TV (DTV) converter box that will plug into your existing TV. The average one-time cost is $50 - $75; or 2) Buy a new TV equipped with a built-in digital QAM tuner in addition to the regular ATSC tuner (all Sony digital sets have this as well as Sharp and Proscan. Samsung televisions might not have the QAM tuner). 

If you pursue the over-the-air option, please note: you will need to perform an "Automatic Channel Scan" after hooking up your converter box or installing a new digital television to ensure you receive all the digital stations broadcasting in your area. Once you have completed the channel scan, you will have access to all of KCET's programming content: 

KCET HD - channel 28.1; KCET KCETLink - channel 28.2; KCET NHK World - channel 28.4 
Can I get KCET if I subscribe to cable? Can I also receive your digital sub-channels?
Yes, KCET is available through cable. KCET's main and HD channels are currently available on Time Warner, Charter and Comcast Systems. Please contact your cable provider for our specific channel designation. If you are a subscriber to another cable service, please check with them regarding KCET's availability on that service.

Why isn't my favorite KCET program closed-captioned?
KCET supports the use of closed-captioning so that all of our viewers and members can enjoy our programming. As of October 2006, all of our KCET scheduled programs are closed-captioned.

If you notice a problem with the closed-captioning of any of our programs, please contact our Viewer Services Department at 747-201-5238.

Why do I hear a voice-over or narration when I watch certain KCET shows?
You may hear a voice "narrating" the action in a show if you have your TV set to the Second Audio Program (SAP) channel. This channel is usually reserved for simulcast in Spanish or for Descriptive Video narration for the visually impaired. There should be a button to turn off the SAP channel either on the front of your TV set or on the remote control. There may also be a button labeled "audio" or "menu" that would access a menu of options, one of which is to turn off the SAP channel.

What is Descriptive Video Service?
Descriptive Video Service (DVS) is a free service carried by public television stations to make television accessible to people who are visually impaired. DVS provides narrated descriptions of a television program's key visual elements without interfering with the program audio or dialogue. The narration describes visual elements such as actions, settings, scene changes and body language. To receive DVS, a viewer must have either a stereo TV or a stereo VCR that includes the Second Audio Program (SAP) channel. Many newer TVs and VCRs have a SAP feature. An inexpensive SAP decoder can also be purchased by direct mail.

Why is the background music so loud in some of your programs? It's sometimes louder than the actors speaking. 
Most average home receivers have low-fidelity speakers, which accentuate the upper mid-ranges and highs. The human voice tends to be in the mid-audio range. The rest of the sound spectrum that helps keep these two components separate and distinct is lost. Add to this fact, that most producers and editors sit in edit bays outfitted with the very best sound systems, and they balance voice and music on their programs based on that high fidelity ability. In sets with better audio systems, there are things that can help with audio in general. Stereo and digital sets with "surround sound" tend to enhance the low and high ranges (which are where the music is), and ignore or dampen the mid-range (which is where the voice usually is). Try switching from stereo to mono whenever there is such a problem, or switch off the "surround sound" (sometimes known as "enhanced") feature.

You may hear a voice "narrating" the action in a show if you have your TV set to the Second Audio Program (SAP) channel. This channel is usually reserved for simulcast in Spanish or for Descriptive Video narration for the visually impaired. There should be a button to turn off the SAP channel either on the front of your TV set or on the remote control. There may also be a button labeled "audio" or "menu," that would access a menu of options, one of which is to turn off the SAP channel.

Why am I not receiving a clear picture on KCET?
If you have cable, you may need to contact your cable company and/or check the cable connections to your television. If you do not have cable and you are receiving a snowy picture or a loss of signal strength on only one or two channels, there are a few things you can check before calling a service person:

1. How old is your antenna? Over time, corrosion and dirt can change the tuning characteristics of receiving antennas and this can affect just one or two stations and not others. Old antennas should be replaced.

2. How old is your antenna wire? The round coax is best and should be used instead of the flat twin lead. Check for loose connections and connectors, breaks and worn points in the line. Avoid coiling excess wire; it's better to trim it to length if it's more than a few feet too long. Old and worn wire should be replaced as well.

3. Any recent changes such as the addition or removal of any components from your system? These items may include VCRs, DVDs, extra TVs, couplers, splitters and satellite systems, etc., that are connected to a common antenna. One test we suggest is to remove everything from the antenna system and connect the TV and the antenna directly. Eliminate all two-set splitters, distribution amplifiers, VCRs, DVDs, extra TVs, etc. If the reception improves, it indicates the problem is somewhere in the set-up of the extra equipment or splitters. If it doesn't improve, then it points to the antenna and wiring as the culprit, or some obstruction in your immediate area.

4. Orientation of the rooftop antenna: Is it still level and pointed in the right direction? Sometimes wind can change the axis or tilt it just enough to affect reception. Make sure the mounting is solid and perpendicular. Most of the stations in the LA area are on Mount Wilson, just north of the Pasadena-Altadena area. Antennas should be pointed in that general direction.

5. Tree growth or obstacles in the line of sight between you and the transmitter site on Mount Wilson? Any new buildings close by, or trees with a lot of leaves or heavy branches?

6. Check with some neighbors to see if they are having the same experience with reception.

7. How old is the TV? Older sets can experience tuner problems that can cause single channel problems. With new TVs, this is probably not the case. If you have a recent model set, you can rule out the TV.

Public Media Group of Southern California Permissions

I would like to use a clip from a program that KCET, Link TV, or PBS SoCal produced. Who should I contact? 
To submit your request you may download and email your completed form to or send a fax to (747) 201-5870. We will respond to you within one (1) week of receiving your request.

Are DVDs available for purchase for all KCET or PBS-produced programs? If so, how can I get a copy? 
While not all KCET programs are available for purchase, many are, and can be obtained by visiting For PBS-produced show gifts you can visit

How can I get a DVD of a program that KCET produced many years ago? 
If the program is not currently available as a thank-you gift, unfortunately KCET is not able to provide copies on an individual basis. However, many "out of print" titles are available at local libraries (including college and university libraries) whose catalogs can be searched online.

What is KCET's policy as it pertains to using your program footage for educational purposes? 
Educational institutions may record a program and utilize the recording for classroom purposes for a period of one (1) year from the date of the program broadcast from which it was recorded.

I was featured in one of your programs. Who should I contact in regards to getting a copy of this program? 
If the program is not available for purchase, then please contact the individual show production office with your request. If the show is no longer in production and not available for purchase, we are normally unable to provide program copies. However, you may download and email the completed form to or fax your request to (747) 201-5870, and we will try our best to accommodate your request. If the show is currently available for purchase, this is always the most economical option for you, as individual duplication costs are considerably higher. Please also note that any use of a program other than for personal viewing purposes (professional reel, public screening, film clip, e.g.) will require express written consent.