2014 Election Roundup: California Props, Offices, and Interesting Local Measures

Voting booth.
Voting booth. | Photo: Cswtwo/Filckr/Creative Commons License

Statewide Ballot Measures

Prop 1, Water Bond - PASSED
Yes 66.8 percent
No 33.2 percent

Prop 2, State "Rainy Day" Fund - PASSED
Yes 68.7 percent
No 31.3 percent

Prop 45, Health Insurance Rates - FAILED
No 59.8 percent
Yes 40.2 percent

Prop 46, Drug Testing Doctors, Medical Malpractice - FAILED
No 67.1 percent
Yes 32.9 percent

Prop 47, Reducing Low-Level Felonies to Misdemeanors - PASSED
Yes 58.5 percent
No 41.5 percent

Prop 48, Indian Gaming - FAILED
No 60.9 percent
Yes 39.1 percent

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Local Ballot Measures of Note

Los Angeles County
- Prop P, Parks and Facilities Tax - Passed
Yes 62.04 percent
No 37.96

Anti-Fracking Measures

Santa Barbara County
- Prop P, Countywide Fracking Ban - PASSED
Yes 62.04 percent
No 37.96

San Benito County
- Measure J, Countywide Fracking Ban - PASSED

Mendocino County
- Measure S, Countywide Fracking Ban - PASSED


Various Marijuana Measures


La Mesa
- City Measure to Allow Dispensaries - FAILED

- City Measure to Allow Dispensaries - FAILED

- City Measure to Tax Dispensaries - FAILED

Cathedral City
- City Measure to Tax Dispensaries - PASSED

Desert Hot Springs
- City Measure to Tax Dispensaries - PASSED

Statewide Offices

Gov. Jerry Brown 58.7 percent
Neel Kashkari 41.3 percent

Lieutenant Governor
Gavin Newsom 55.9 percent
Ron Nehring 44.1 percent

Secretary of State
Alex Padilla 52.5 percent
Pete Peterson 47.5 percent

Berry T. Yee 52.8 percent
Ashley Swearengin 47.2 percent

John Chiang 57.7 percent
Greg Conlon 42.3 percent

Attorney General
Kamala D. Harris 56.3 percent
Ronald Gold 43.7 percent

Los Angeles County Offices

County Supervisor
Sheila Kuehl 52.78 percent
Bobby Shriver 47.22 percent

Jim McDonnell 75.83 percent
Paul Tanaka 25.17 percent

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