KCET Wins Four 2018 National Arts & Entertainment Awards

Four of KCET's original shows were honored by the LA Press Club at its 2018 National Arts and Entertainment Awards. The awards were presented on December 2 at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel.

Multi-media arts and culture series Artbound episode “That Far Corner: Frank Lloyd Wright in Los Angeles” won recognition in the Documentary or Special Program Feature (Over 30 minutes) category. While "Lost LA" was named as the winner of the Documentary or Special Program Short category for the season two episode “Dream Factory.” Photographer Osceola Refetoff was named Photo Journalist of the Year for his work on "Artbound" and took the top award in the Photo Essay category for Artbound's “A Glimpse of Another America.”

In addition to its four wins, KCET received two additional honors with a second-place recognition in the Feature (Over Five Minutes) category for its news documentary series "SoCal Connected," as well as a third-place recognition for the "Lost LA" documentary “Descanso Gardens” in the Documentary or Special Program Feature (Over 30 Minutes) category.

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Documentary or Special Program, Feature (Over 30 minutes)

ARTBOUND - “That Far Corner: Frank Lloyd Wright in Los Angeles

Juan Devis, Christopher Hawthorne, Matthew Crotty, Jac Reyno and Travis Labella

Judges’ comment: Masterful documentary combining expert architectural criticism of Wright’s works along with social and psychological insights and topped by outstanding cinematography.

That Far Corner: Frank Lloyd Wright in Los Angeles



Documentary or Special Program, Short (Under 30 minutes)

LOST LA - “Dream Factory

Juan Devis, Matthew Crotty, Nathan Masters, Logan Kibens and Nonetheless Productions

Judges’ comment: Eye-opening exploration of the long-neglected impact of women filmmakers in early Hollywood, and the exploitive role of the Central Casting Bureau.

Dream Factory






Osceola Refetoff

Judges’ comment: The poetic realism of this work speaks volumes without a single written word.


Photo Essay

ARTBOUND - “A Glimpse of Another America

Osceola Refetoff

Judges’ comment: The honesty of everyday life is beautifully captured by these stunningly simple and revealing shots.


Top Image: Stop-Liquor Jr Market – Mojave, CA – 2016 | Osceola Refetoff

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