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Our social media videos are bite-sized stories distilled from TV episodes, current events, and articles, and delivered to you through your social media feeds, hoping to catch your attention. More than 8 billion social media videos are consumed each and every day, so grabbing your attention is especially challenging. However, the following videos below are some of our most viewed videos as they captivated you and shared widely with friends.


Celebration of the life and career of Tyrus Wong upon his passing

Wong emigrated with his father from China to Sacramento when he was nine years old and never returned back home to see his mother or sister. We celebrate his life upon his passing at age 106.


Pet care for the homeless

Once a month, the homeless bring their pets to a park in North Hollywood to receive basic medical care from volunteer veterinarians and pet groomers. "The animal gives a homeless person a reason to live."


A look at the Superbloom

This year, the heavy rains of winter brought a particularly spectacular bloom to many desert areas of Southern California. We took a trip to see the beauty.


Los Angeles Had an Alligator Farm?

For an admission fee of 25 cents, visitors could see thousands of snakes, lizards, alligators, and other reptiles.


A visit to Half Moon Bay

As part of our California Coastal Trail series, we visited this popular trail destination known for its small town friendliness and the most beautiful coastline in the Golden State.


5 Places You MUST See in the California Desert

Here is a look at the millions of acres of amazing things to see and do in the California desert when the weather is cool.


How did a chicken dinner turn into Knott’s Berry Farm?

When the dusty highway passing through Walter Knott’s berry farm was fast becoming the principal route between Los Angeles and the beaches of Orange County, his humble wooden shack transformed into the attraction it is today, thanks in part to Mrs. Knott’s fried chicken.


The link between Japanese internment and camellias in Southern California

Southern California has the largest collection of camellias in North America at Descanso Gardens. But how did the Gardens get such a collection?


What does a Chicano male look like?

The word “Chicano” has historically been a derogatory term, conjuring images of hyper-macho men prone to alcohol abuse, gang violence and aggression. Artist and photographer Harry Gamboa Jr. challenges viewers to see beyond a label.


The reinvented past of California

In the past two decades historians have begun to reassess California's his­tory. The transition from Spanish territory, to Mexican territory to American state was not peaceful and happy for the people living here.


Five facts about the Island Fox

These little foxes are found only on six of the eight Channel Islands off the coast of southern California--nowhere else on Earth. Their recovery from the brink of extinction is one of the biggest endangered wildlife success stories.

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