August Dannehl

August Dannehl | Carla Choy

August Dannehl is a former Navy Nuclear Reactor Electrician who grew up in a showbiz family, learning the essence of story and performance from a very early age. He received his degree in film from NYU and has worked on a variety of projects for several companies including Stonestreet Studios, Inc., Luminada Films and The Daily Show as a producer, editor and director. His thesis film, “The War at Home,” is based on true stories of veterans returning home to New York City. August’s love of cooking and food led the way to being a finalist on the Food Network’s “All Star Academy,” and he is also the voice for “Hurry Up and Watch,” a hilarious rundown of iconic military films in under three minutes. As co-writer and host of “Meal Ready to Eat,” August takes viewers on a journey through the most intriguing, delicious and meaningful food-related stories from the world of the U.S. military and America’s veterans.