Bryan Ray Turcotte

San Francisco transplant to Los Angeles, Bryan spent his twenties on the road with his band while managing to hold down his job at the legendary independent punk record label Slash. He started publishing company "Kill Your Idols" in 1999 and won the 2000 Firecracker Award for his debut book, "Fucked Up + Photocopied: Instant Art of the Punk Movement." "Post No Bills: Shepard Fairey," "Punk Is Dead: Punk Is Everything," "Metro," "Ask The Angels," "Seven Years with Rhymesayers," "101 Essential Rock LPs," and "Message Sage Vaughn" would follow. He co-owns Beta Petrol, an award winning music supervision and production company, and has produced music for some of the largest brands in the world as well as many acclaimed independent films. Beta Petrol celebrated the success of "Logorama," winning the 2010 Academy Award Oscar for best short animated film and earning a Cannes Bronze Lion Award for their Music on Nike's "?Run To You' Campaign for 2012.

As an artist Bryan has exhibited all around the world with his own brand of chaotic punk designs mixed with vintage posters, photos, set lists, and fanzines. He has produced visual and music based events and installations for iconic brands such as Converse, Levi's, Hewlett Packard, Dice Magazine, and Ray Bans to name a few. Bryan co-owns independent record label Teenage Teardrops, DJs a late night Punk and Reggae radio show "Singles Going Steady" on Pirate Radio station KCHUNG in Chinatown L.A., continues to playing music with his own Heavy Garage band Drag News, and is currently producing a series of short documentary films for The Museum Of Contemporary Art called "The Art Of Punk" to be released June 2013. Bryan has two sons, Ford and Ralston, with his wife Dayna Michelle Turcotte.