Claudia Morales


Claudia Morales grew up in a family of artists experimenting with various mediums and themes.  She has coordinated and participated in community-based independent art, music, and fashion shows in San Francisco, Oakland, and Alameda.  She studied American Studies at UC Berkeley, and has an MSW from CSU East Bay with an emphasis on mental health.  She has been practicing culture and art-based mental health as a clinician with youth and families, primarily with new immigrants, exploring topics such as integration, attachment, and overcoming traumatic stress.  Claudia is passionate about the intersections between social justice, community, and art.  Whittier is her new home, where she is working on growing an edible garden, cooking vegan meals,  getting out the vote, making brightly colored art, and hiking all over the San Gabriel Mountains with her two incredible boys and her soul mate, Polo.