Jeff Kaufman

I'm SoCal Connected's Broadcast Producer. When we're on the air, I'm the guy "in the booth"--in KCET Control Room A, with the director and the technical crew. Our 30-minute program is the culmination of my day, which I spend in the newsroom trying to corral the various elements that make up SoCal Connected. If this TV thing doesn't work out, I could use the same skills as a cat herder. Before SoCal Connected, I produced newscasts at most of LA's commercial TV stations; made nonfiction series and specials for network, cable and syndication; produced "Entertainment Tonight;" and did a live daily internet radio show with three friends I've known for [REDACTED] years; and was a TV anchor and reporter in a very small town. And if you look real closely, you can spot me in the first scene of the movie "Groundhog Day." Really.