Larissa Nickel

Larissa Nickel is an artist, designer, educator, and curator whose work spans Philosophy, Art and Design with an emphasis on identity, place, and subculture. She applies a transdisciplinary approach focused on the interrelationship, negotiation, collaboration, engagement and possibility of cultural coproduction. Her work explores the synthesis of architecture and the body, and interactive technology investigating links between identity and place, collective identity, memory and the archive. She represents the US Department of Art and Technology as the Deputy Secretary of the Bureau for Recombinant Body and Collective Intelligence, and is a cofounder of Hinterculture, an arts collaboration that explores cultural mapping stories through research, physical and digital intervention, interpretation and presentation. Her research is situated at the intersections of contemporary social and cultural theory, new media, museum studies, architectural & placemaking design, and philosophical issues of interfaciality, aesthetics, ecology and computational ecosystems. She currently teaches at Antelope Valley College, and has organized numerous museum exhibitions and programs while at the Lancaster Museum of Art and History.