Ruxandra Guidi


Ruxandra Guidi is a native of Caracas, Venezuela and has fifteen years of experience working in public radio, magazines, and multimedia, and has reported throughout the United States, the Caribbean, South and Central America, as well as Mexico and the US-Mexico border region. After earning an MA in Journalism from UC Berkeley, she worked as a reporter, editor, and producer for NPR's Latino USA, BBC's The World, CPB's Fronteras Desk in San Diego-Tijuana, and KPCC Public Radio's Immigration and Emerging Communities beat in Los Angeles. She's also reported extensively throughout South America, having been a freelance foreign correspondent in Bolivia (2007-2009) and Ecuador (2014-2016). She has produced in-depth magazine features, essays, and radio documentaries for the BBC World Service, National Public Radio, Marketplace, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, National Geographic NewsWatch, The New York Times, The Guardian, and many other magazines and media organizations.