Sara Schnadt

Sara Schnadt is a curator, technology project designer and new media artist. Her performance, installation and data visualization practice is informed by her work in technology, and often involves representations or data that translate large quantities of socially resonant information into poetic, spatial and material forms.

She currently works as Project Manager for OpenElections and Community Liaison/Designer for CensusReporter, two Knight News Challenge: Data projects. Previously, she was Director of Communications and Outreach at 18th Street Arts Center in Los Angeles, co-curator of Chicago's IN>TIME Performance Art Festival, and co-founder and Chief Technologist for the Chicago Artists Resource (CAR) website at the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs.

Her shows include: 'Drafting Universes' at Adjunct Positions and Perform Chinatown in LA; 'Travelogue' at Torrance Art Museum; MCA Chicago's '12x12' series and 'Without You I Am Nothing', 'Network', Hyde Park Art Center, Site Unseen Performance Festival, and Balloon Contemporary (all in Chicago); 'Spatial City, An Architecture of Idealism' at MOCAD Detroit; 'Travel Patterns' at Counterpath, Denver; 'Exchange Rate' public projection series in LA and NY; 'Upgrade!' in Skopje, Macedonia and Sao Paulo, Brazil; FreeManifesta, Frankfurt; and the Busan Biennale in South Korea.