Tanja M. Laden


Tanja M. Laden is a writer, editor, and producer born and raised in Los Angeles. She is a Huffington Post blogger and a regular contributor to LA Weekly and VICE. Her work has also been featured in Los Angeles Times and Juxtapoz, among many other print and online publications. Tanja has worked as Los Angeles Editor at Flavorpill and Flavorwire, as well as a media consultant with 20th Century Fox, MGM, Disney, MTV, and NBC. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in History with a focus on Art History and Film from Occidental College. She publishes the website PopCurious.com as well as her own website, tanjamladen.com When not writing about Southern California, visual arts, and travel, Tanja works as a freelance reality-TV casting producer with Doron Ofir Casting/Popular Productions while secretly making video mashups out of public-domain films.