2018 Proposition Breakdowns and Results

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Eleven statewide measures are on the Nov. 6 ballot, including one that would repeal the 2017 fuel tax and vehicle fee increases and make future gas tax increases subject to voter approval. Four of the propositions address housing issues, including one that would overturn a law limiting the use of rent control in California. The number of ballot measures is below average for an even-numbered election year, and the state Supreme Court decided on July 18 to remove the most potentially far-reaching one, Proposition 9, an initiative to split California into three states. But advocates raised more than $100 million as of July 31 to campaign for and against the propositions.


 Prop 1  Passed
 Prop 2  Passed
 Prop 3  Did Not Pass
 Prop 4  Passed
 Prop 5  Did Not Pass
 Prop 6  Did Not Pass
 Prop 7  Passed
 Prop 8  Did Not Pass
 Prop 10  Did Not Pass
 Prop 11  Passed
 Prop 12  Passed


Click on the links below to read about the different propositions on the ballot this November!

Prop 1: Veteran and Housing Bond

La Proposición 1 - Viviendas Aquibles

Prop 2: Homeless Bond

La Proposición 2 - Viviendas para personas sin hogar

Prop 3: Water Projects Bond

La Proposición 3 - Bonos de Agua

Prop 4: Restoring Children's Hospitals

La Proposición 4 - Hospitales Infantiles

Prop 5: Home Value Change

La Proposición 5 - Impuestos a la Propiedad

Prop 6: Gas Tax Repeal

La Proposición 6 - Impuestos a la Gasolina

Prop 7: Daylight Savings

La Proposición 7 - Horario de Verano Permanente

Prop 8: Dialysis Treatment Regulations

La Proposición 8 - Clínicas de Diálisis

Prop 10: Rent Control

La Proposición 10 - Control del Alquiler

Prop 11: Ambulance employees on call during breaks

La Proposición 11 - Trabajadores de Ambulancia

Prop 12: Farm Animal Confinement

La Proposición 12 - Animales de Granja

Click here for a printable version of the propositions.

Una guía para las proposiciones de Californiaa en español aqui.

Encuentra las 11 proposiciones en la boleta este noviembre en espanol aqui

                            Watch a quick explanation for each proposition below:


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