340,000 L.A. County Ballots Left to be Processed

Election workers process ballots. | Photo: Courtesy RR/CC
Election workers process ballots. | Photo: Courtesy RR/CC

The Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk is continuing to process ballots not counted election night, announcing in its bi-weekly update that 340,684 still remain.

The new count gave a slight jump -- 0.32 percent -- for Measure J, which now stands at 65.06 percent. If successful, it would take an already-existing sales tax dedicated to transportation funding set to expire in 2039 and extend it for another 30 years. 66.67 percent, a two-thirds vote, is needed for it to pass. Metro, which manages the sales tax money, has already concluded that Measure J has lost, but County Clerk Dean Logan has deemed it as a "close contest."

The next ballot update will be Tuesday.

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