A Quick Guide to a Long List of Props

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For results go to California Props: Results At-A-Glance.

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Click on the artwork below to watch a 60-second video explaining each proposition.

Prop Videos Short title Yes Vote: No Vote:

School Construction Bonds


Yes Vote:

would authorize the state to issue $9 billion in bonds for building and fixing schools

No Vote:

the state would not have the authority to sell new bonds

Prop 52: Hospital Fees. Original artwork by Henry Cram.

Hospital Fees for Medi-Cal


Yes Vote:

imposes fees on hospitals indefinitely to fund Medi-Cal, and the funds could only be reallocated with voter approval

No Vote:

existing hospital fee for Medi-Cal would end Jan. 1, 2018 unless the legislature extends it

Prop 53 - Revenue Bonds | artwork Henry Cram

Revenue Bonds


Yes Vote:

requires statewide voter approval for revenue bonds over $2 billion 

No Vote:

no change to current revenue bond system

Prop 54: Publish Bills Before Voting

Publishing Legislative Bills


Yes Vote:

requires legislature to post bills on the internet 3 days before voting, and requires audio and video recordings to be posted online

No Vote:

no change to current system

Prop 55: Tax Extension for Education

Tax Extension for Education


Yes Vote:

would extend personal income taxes on high-income households to fund education and healthcare

No Vote:

the extra personal income tax would end Dec. 31, 2018

Prop 56: Cigarette Tax original art by Henry Cram

Cigarette Tax


Yes Vote:

increases cigarette tax by $2 tax a pack and a similar increases on most other tobacco products and e-cigarettes

No Vote:

no new taxes on tobacco products

Prop 57: Criminal Sentencing. Original artwork by Henry Cram.

Criminal Sentencing


Yes Vote:

certain non-violent offenders could get out on parole earlier, plus judges would decide if  juveniles are tried as adults.

No Vote:

parole criteria stay the same; minors can be tried as adults without a hearing in juvenile court

Prop 58: English Language Education

English Proficiency


Yes Vote:

would make it easier for public schools to decide how to teach students learning English in bilingual or English-immersion classes

No Vote:

things stay as they are, requiring English-only programs for most English learners

Prop 59: Overturn Citizens United

Corporate Political Spending


Yes Vote:

would ask California's elected officials to use their authority to increase regulation of campaign spending and contributions (undo Citizens United)

No Vote:

elected officials would not be asked to try to change campaign spending regulations

Prop 60 Safety First in Adult Films. Original art by Henry Cram.

Adult Film Regulation


Yes Vote:

the state should regulate and license the porn industry and be sure condoms are used.

No Vote:

there would be no change to current adult film regulations

Prop 61: Prescrition Drug Prices. Original artwork by Henry Cram.

State Prescription Drug Prices

Yes Vote:

state agencies can't pay more for any prescription drug than the lowest price paid by the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs

No Vote:

state agencies continue to negotiate drug prices on their own

Prop 62: Death to the death penalty. Original art by Henry Cram.

Abolish Death Penalty


Yes Vote:

repeals California’s death penalty and replaces it with life in prison without parole

No Vote:

would keep the death penalty as part of California’s criminal sentencing laws**

PROP 63: Gun and Ammunition Control. Artwork by Henry Cram.

Ammunition Sales & Background Checks


Yes Vote:

new restrictions for buying and selling ammunition including background checks

No Vote:

no new firearm or ammunition requirements

Prop 64: Legalization of Recreational Marijuana

Legalize Marijuana


Yes Vote:

adults could legally grow, possess and use marijuana

No Vote:

only medical marijuana would be legal

Prop 65: Sale of Reusable Bags. Original artwork by Henry Cram.

Sale of Reusable Bags


Yes Vote:

would divert the money from the sale of reusable bags into a state environmental fund

 No Vote:

money from the sale of reusable bags could go to any purpose*

Prop 66: Reform Death Penalty Appeals. Original art by Henry Cram

Death Penalty Reform


Yes Vote:

changes procedures for death penalty appeals to speed up the process

No Vote:

no changes to current law**

 Prop 67 - Ban on Plastic Bags

Ban Plastic Bags


Yes Vote:

a state-wide ban on plastic bags would take effect, stores would keep the money from selling reusable bags

No Vote:

grocery stores would continue to provide free plastic bags unless local laws prohibit it*


* If both plastic bag measures (Props 65 and 67) pass, the one with the most votes becomes law

**If both death penalty measures (Props 62 and 66) pass, the one with the most votes becomes law


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Artwork by Henry Cram.

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