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California Props and The Man Who Sells Them


As Californians wade through this year's 17 ballot propositions* we want to share a look at the man behind dozens of TV ads for various ballot measures. Paul Mandabach's firm has worked on more than 160 state and local ballot initiatives, more than any other company in the nation according to their website. Mandabach talked with Val Zavala for her 2010 report on some of the weird and weighty props the state has voted on over the years.

Ballot Brief sends a special thanks to the California Voter Foundation for the use of the Proposition Song. You can watch the whole video here, or visit their website here.



*17 ballot props is not even close to a record.  According to Ballotpedia, 1914 set the record with 48 propositions and 1990 comes in second with 45.

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