Cities Add Local Pot Measures To Ballot

Marijuana. Photo by Eliot Phillips.
Marijuana. Photo by Eliot Phillips.

Prop 64 won't be the only pot-related ballot measure facing a lot of Californians this November. Dozens of cities also placed local measures on their ballots to settle things like how pot businesses can operate and how much they can be taxed.

That's right, cities could tack on more taxes in addition to the 15% mandated by Prop 64 -- along with additional cultivation taxes per ounce of flowers or leaves.

Three Los Angeles County cities – Carson, Long Beach, and Avalon – will decide on various sales taxes, grower taxes, and taxes on recreational use of marijuana.

The Orange County Register's Brooke Edwards Staggs has a great article that explains why these local measures are just as important as the statewide initiative, and a graphic that lets you see at a glance if your city in Southern California is voting on a local pot measure.  

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