Compton's Measure B Passes, has Potential to Boost Latino Representation

Voters in the city of Compton supported a ballot initiative -- Measure B -- that could change representation of Latinos on the city council. The initiative passed with nearly 65 percent voting in favor.

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At-large elections currently decide the four council seats and mayor's post in Compton. However, in 2010 three Hispanic voters alleged that the California Voting Rights Act was being violated by the current system, arguing voting power of Latino residents is being diminished.

From the Los Angeles Times:

The city settled the suit in February after more than a year of fighting. Compton agreed that a measure would be added on the ballot to amend the charter to include by-district voting.

Latinos now make up two-thirds of Compton's 96,000 residents. Council members and the majority of city's leaders are African-American.

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