Expert Panel Discussion: Understanding Props 30 and 38

In October, AARP and the League of Women Voters held an event to discuss four of the 11 propositions -- all which are related to money and taxes -- on the November 6, 2012 California ballot. Panelists were Dr. Steven Wallace, Chair at UCLA's School of Public Health; Dr. Karen Lincoln, Associate Professor at USC's School of Social Work; and Tom Carson, League of Women Voters of Los Angeles. KCET's Val Zavala moderated.

Whether to vote on Proposition 30 or Proposition 38 is a big question for lots of voters in California. Both are taxes and both have a major educational angle. In this discussion, moderator Val Zavala goes over the basics and throws it over to the panel to discuss in depth.

For more about these props, go to the Prop 30 Cheat Sheet and Prop 38 Cheat Sheet. Also, make sure to read What Really Happens if Both Prop 30 and 38 Pass in November?

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