Fullerton Recall: Effort To Oust Three Council Members Appears Successful

Fullerton City Council | Photo: calwatch/Wikipedia/Creative Commons License

Current results from Fullerton show that absentee voters favored recalling three City Council members who were accused by detractors of "failing to lead." Thirteen candidates ran to replace them. A list of the candidates is available here.

The campaign to recall the three officials came following the fatal beating of a schizophrenic man, Kelly Thomas, by six Fullerton police officers. Thomas, who was homeless, died following a violent confrontation last July that was caught on surveillance video. Two officers are facing trial on homicide charges.

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Supporters of the recall said Dick Jones, Don Bankhead, and Pat McKinley protected the officers involved in the fatal beating and failed to remove the officers for a month.

They also accused the three men of wasting resources and losing trust of Fullerton residents. The campaign to recall the council members was led by Tony Bushala, a Fullerton business owner.

However, some said the effort was merely an attempt to grab power and suggest Bushala wants to get his own people on Fullerton's council. A committee opposed to the recall argued that 99.9 percent of recall funds are from Bushala.

"This recall is led by Tony Bushala -- a millionaire developer who has profited handsomely from projects in Fullerton's redevelopment area," Dick Jones wrote in a statement. "Bushala needs a majority on the city council for future projects to he is seeking."

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