June 5 Primary: Judges to Work After Hours in Case of Voting Problems

Photo: joebeone/Flickr/Creative Commons License
Photo: joebeone/Flickr/Creative Commons License

If you run into something possibly illegal while voting on Tuesday, here's one option: Voters can bring grievances forward after business hours on Election Day by taking advantage of extended hours at their local registrar.

The Judicial Council of California hopes efforts to publicize local registrar offices' availability and making judges available will "safeguard the fundamental right to vote." Those concerned about voter fraud, campaigning at polling stations, or other matters can contact their local registrar. If a panel judge handling a complaint determines an emergency hearing is required, a proceeding will be conducted by telephone.

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"Sometimes people believe elections are not being held fairly," said Philip Carrizosa, who is with the Judicial Council of California. "We set up a procedure where people can submit an urgent petition for court relief."

While this is not the first election where emergency hearings have been made available, it is the first time they have been publicized.

A list of addresses and other contact information for registrars of voters in all of California's 58 counties is available here.

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