Live & Updated: Funding Databases for all California 2012 Propositions

Come November, Californians will be faced with 11 statewide propositions on the ballot. That's a lot to take in, so as part of its dedication to providing valuable election coverage and tools, KCET has put together campaign finance databases:

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For each, you'll find who's providing financial support for the yes and no sides. Databases are listed from highest donation amount to lowest by default, but fields can also be toggled so you can view, in alphabetical order, by employer, occupation, or name of the donor, the latter which can also be queried for in the search box.

The information is fed by the Secretary of State's website, which in turn is fed by the campaigns, which 90 days from an election must make daily updates for donations of $1,000 or more with smaller donations reported on a slower schedule. KCET's Ballot Brief will be updating props at least once (but probably twice) a week through November 6.

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